Callidus Preschool (卡利德斯幼儿园)

About Callidus Preschool (卡利德斯幼儿园)

Callidus: Where Great Minds Begin

At Callidus Preschool, holistic child-focused education takes centre stage. Choosing a pre-school is one of the first crucial decisions parents have to make. Since significant neurological developments take place in the early years of a child’s life, the right pre-school can help to expand the boundaries of a child’s learning potential. Yet with so many options available in Singapore, parents might find it difficult to decide which school to entrust the most critical years of their child’s development.

For Mrs Archana Kumar, an interactive and encouraging teaching approach, teachers’ experience, and a healthy learning environment were some of the things she was looking out for when deciding to enroll her daughter, Sanrchana, in Callidus Preschool. “The first thing that impressed me were the teachers and the collection of learning materials.” INTEGRATED APPROACH According to the theory of Multiple Intelligence, no two children are the same – every child possesses a unique intelligence profile. Callidus Preschool applies this approach by providing an all- rounded education that develops children’s intelligences in the logical, visual, musical, linguistic, naturalistic, inter-personal, intrapersonal and bodily-kinesthetic dimensions. This is made possible by adopting a curriculum that is responsive in meeting the different learning needs, and encouraging independent learning.

Mrs Law noticed how her four-year- old daughter, Yi Fei, has learned how to pick up storybooks and read on her own after attending Callidus Preschool, despite not knowing all the words. “She is very happy to go to school, and is always smiling.” The school’s holistic and integrated programme taps on children’s interests and strengths by introducing them to a wide variety of learning experiences. These include outdoor play, water play, character-building, phonics and writing, science experiments, art and craft, cookery, dramatic play, and manipulatives.

In particular, the teachers in Callidus Preschool aim to nurture children’s natural curiosity about the world. The curriculum embeds scientific inquiry through project work, where children build higher order thinking skills through observation, investigation and analysis firsthand. CONDUCIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Callidus Preschool boasts a spacious, colourful and safe facility, with many learning centres set up to support active learning. Mrs Yap, mother of four-year- old Carolyn, is deeply impressed with Callidus Preschool’s environment and learning materials. “The school has ample space for children to move around, as well as excellent safety features such as childproof gates at the top of staircases, handrails along the stairs that are at the right height for the kids and toilet bowls and sinks that are kids-size.

Beautiful decorations and artwork that are appealing to the children can be found all over the school’s walls, ceiling and floor. The school also has an impressive variety of toys and learning centres for the children to learn and play in, one feature which I have not seen in many schools.” Equipped with various multi-media resources, the enclosed classrooms provide a quiet setting for students to remain focused and attentive during lessons. In addition, located within the immediate vicinity of the school is a comprehensive array of venues, such as the playground and Bishan Active Park, that offers a great natural environment for outdoor play and discovery of the world.

For more information or to book a free trial, visit, e-mail to or call 6455 2577/9144 8607.

Callidus Preschool
Block 229, Bishan Street 23, #B1-53, Singapore 570229. Tel: 6455 2577



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