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About BE a Champ

Champions are not born; they are made with the right training. When it comes to badminton, look no further than BE a Champ.

The recent success of Joseph Schooling has proved once again that an education in sports here in Singapore is not completely without value. Kids are blank canvases waiting to be painted on, and badminton is a good sport for them to pick up at an early age. BE a Champ Badminton Academy strives to impart valuable life lessons and develop positive personality traits through the spirit of badminton, while reinforcing the notion that sports and academics can go hand in hand in creating a more balanced generation of youths.

The team of coaches at BE a Champ are all full-time and certified with NCAP Level 1 Certification by Singapore Badminton Association and Singapore Sport Council, ensuring that your child is in good hands. They are also head coaches of different schools participating in the annual Interschool Badminton Competition, regularly helping them achieve victories. The requirement for them to be armed with adult first aid also helps to foster a safe training environment. The enrichment centre focuses on tailoring the right training programme to the player’s expertise, ranging from basic techniques for beginners to in-depth analysis and conditioning for competition-ready players.

BE a Champ has also made badminton foundation learning and practice accessible, with over 10 training centres across the island catering to students of various age groups and skill levels.




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