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About Callidus Preschool

Expect a holistic programme at Callidus Preschool that nurtures your child to excel in all areas. 

With the dwindling supply of kindergartens in Singapore, it is getting more difficult for parents to find a good MOE-licensed kindergarten that provides a responsive and all-rounded education for their little ones. To realise their full potential, children need a variety of quality learning experiences to explore and discover their natural talents and capabilities.

Callidus Preschool employs a flexible and responsive curriculum that adapts to the multiple intelligence profiles and individual learning needs of each child so as to ensure a balanced development. The ECDA-certified teachers engage children through a hands-on inquiry-based approach, and provide enriching learning experiences such as dramatic play, cookery and science experiments to encourage active learning through play and exploration.

The school recognises the importance of parent involvement in the children’s learning journey by organising home projects for them to participate with their kids. Parent resources like books and magazines are also available for parents to access and use in support of their children’s learning at home. A particularly noteworthy feature is that Callidus Preschool has a very active parent engagement programme in place, whereby parents are regularly updated on the happenings in school, class activities and the learning progress of their little ones through email, face-to-face sessions, social media platforms, and the school’s mobile app.

The school environment is highly conducive and safe for effective learning to take place. Children have ample space to explore in colourful, cozy and homey surroundings; and there are comprehensive safety features such as child-proof gates at staircases and exits, finger guards at door hinges, child-height hand railings along staircases and child-sized sinks and toilets with grab bars.

With such a child-centred approach and holistic programme in place, Callidus Preschool has got every aspect of your child’s development covered.




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