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Arm your kids with Computational Thinking skills from Create Lab and give them a head start in the tech-led economy.

65% of Primary-schoolers today will do jobs that are not invented yet and technology is playing a central role in many conventional professions such as medicine, law, finance, etc. Are children ready to embrace this era as they grow up? This is where Create Lab comes in – they aim to inspire a generation of children excited about creating with technology. The school works with educators from Oxford, MIT/SUTD and Singapore Management University to devise coding, design and robotics workshops that are recognized by parents as one of the leading Computational Thinking (CT) enrichment programmes in Singapore. Providing technology education as a mode of creative expression gives parents a different option to the existing “factory learning” school system and helps to equip their children with relevant 21st century skills and digital literacy.

At Create Lab, the curriculums are designed to be broad and immersive, where children learn not just to code, but also experience wider aspects of technology and gain valuable skills in design innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. For children from the five to 13-year-old age group, the curriculum centres around after-school enrichment programmes, with concepts of technology introduced through familiar problems that students experience in their daily lives. New programmes are also added regularly to allow students to stay engaged and keep abreast of the latest trends. There is even a training programme for teachers looking to introduce CT to their classrooms. Create Lab’s educators include experts from the IT industry, universities and postgrad students, and are extensively trained under the Create Lab Method for delivering a high impact learning experience.




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