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In today’s fast-changing society where we have the Internet at our fingertips, learning as the acquisition of knowledge is insufficient. It is only complete when the knowledge learnt is applied. At Dreamkids, the students are taught the skills to be sociable and intellectual, with opportunities for them to exhibit their talents. Their curriculum is based on the FUN Learning Concept, a world-class education from Finland where a safe and inspiring learning space is fostered to promote creativity and critical communication skills. The unconventional preschool emphasises on bilingualism, values and 21st century skills that will stand your child in good stead for the future.

The teaching of 21st century skillsets is a key aspect of the Dreamkids package, where children are prepared for the challenges of their school years and future aspirations by being taught essential skills like collaboration, negotiation, decision making, and technology. As a unique preschool with a strong culture, the children are supported by teachers equipped with early childhood credentials, and are passionate about nurturing creative and confident little learners who are not afraid to make mistakes.

Dreamkids also enhances the learning process for kids by collaborating with world-renown scientific and educational authorities like Angry Birds, National Geographic, NASA and University of Helsinki to create fun and effective learning tools. With the motto of “Happy Teachers, Happy Children, Happy Parents”, Dreamkids is for children who dare to dream and want to create the change they wish to see in the world.



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