Dare to dream with Dreamkids kindergarten.

About Dreamkids

Dreamkids is an unconventional, happy bilingual (English & Chinese) preschool with a strong emphasis on building the human spirit and values, and equipping children with the essential future skills.

Dreamkids believes that the education of children starts with values. Children should be taught how to be useful human beings rst as learning is never complete with just the acquisition of knowledge. Learning is completed when knowledge acquired is applied to add value to oneself and the community. Dreamkids places strong emphasis on character building through a value-based education, especially for children from 18 months to 4 years old, using the VAK (Visual-Auditory- Kinesthetic) approach.

Using the proprietary Dreamkids’ Happy Ecosystem, parents, grandparents, and teachers come together to learn and grow with their child, transforming values into habits. The Dreamkids’ Happy Ecosystem is built based on the motto – “Happy Teachers, Happy Children, Happy Parents”, where everyone grows and learns together happily.

With a strong foundation based on values and habits, Dreamkids is now ready to impart 21st century skills to children. This is done via Dreamkids Game-Changer EducationTM, flagship programme that is specially designed after years of research, to nurture preschoolers with the success mindset and 21st century skill sets. In this achievement- based education, your child will master the power of creation, transforming ideas into reality through relevant real-life experiences.

Dreamkids is also proud to be working with Fun Academy & University of Helsinki from Finland, to bring in the Fun Learning Concept for children aged three to six years. It’s been created together with education professionals, teachers, and researchers from Finland and Singapore, who share a common desire to light a lifelong spark for learning.

At Dreamkids, the child is supported and respected as an active participant in the learning process. Behind the programme is the belief that play is a natural way for children to learn; therefore the learning programme is built on concepts of play and fun.

Dreamkids believes that teachers are key role models and facilitators of learning. As such, teachers must not only be highly quali ed, but must be truly happy and passionate early childhood educators. Building a strong school culture where parents, teachers, and children speak the same language and perform the same set of actions is essential. After all, early childhood education in Dreamkids is all about inspiring dreams in children.

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