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Even though Singaporeans are a multilingual people, English is the dominant language in many families, giving children little opportunity to practice their mother tongue. As educators, Joy Little Schoolhouse hopes to cultivate a Mandarin-friendly environment to cultivate interest and learn Mandarin in a natural way. As the first ever Mandarin Immersion Preschool in Singapore, their unique curriculum is specifically tailored to support the development of both English and Mandarin in each child. At playgroup and nursery level, 80% of classes are taught in Mandarin and 20% in English. When they reach the kindergarten level, Mandarin and English will take equal standing in the classrooms to help prepare students for primary school.

Sensory Integration Programmes
At Joy Little, children learn more than just through books. The preschool’s Sensory Integration Programmes provides opportunity for children to work together while engaging all their five senses and improving gross motor skills.

Project Approach
To develop their independence, Joy Little uses unique approaches to teaching such as the Project Approach. Every term, children in the kindergarten level work in project groups. This bilingual project approach helps children construct their own knowledge with teachers facilitating and guiding the process.

Themed Play Room
The school also utilises playtime in order to cultivate a love for learning in each child. The centre has an ever-changing themed room where children are encouraged to explore freely. During these sessions, children get to participate in different dramatic themes, picking up new skills in every different role- play setting.

Mandarin Immersion Montessori Programmes
Lessons are conducted with Montessori materials, letting children learn through trial and error with specially designed materials. There are materials for all subject areas, including sensorial development and practical life skills.

Calligraphy & Chinese Painting
While developing their Mandarin language skills, Joy Little also introduces them to the Chinese culture through enrichment programmes such as Chinese calligraphy and painting to help cultivate a respect for the culture.

In addition to these, the preschool also offers other fun enrichment programmes such as LASY Engineering, Story Club, gardening and more. Best of all, it’s free for all students! With a holistic curriculum, you can ensure your child develops all the right skills needed to succeed in today’s multilingual world.


Contact Details

32 Sin Ming Lane Midview City, Singapore 573954
Tel: 6684 4111


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