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MPM math classes are unlike any class your child has ever experienced. The MOE-aligned curriculum aims to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, and to make sense of various mathematical ideas. It improves confidence and inculcates independent problem-solving behaviours where students make connections and applications, and participate actively in solving sophisticated Math problems using skills they have learnt. This makes them more confident in exploring and applying Mathematics.

Through the MPM math material, students will have the opportunity to acquire skills through fun-filled activities and self-discovery mode by focusing on numerical calculation, logic reasoning, life application, visualisation, and combination thinking. Progressively, a positive self-directed learning attitude develops in MPM-trained children.

At MPM math, students do not learn mechanically by rote, but through active learning and figuring things out autonomously. Beginning with the special training of a child’s calculation ability, and emphasizing understanding of questions rather than through repetition and memorisation, the MPM programme’s effective methods allow children to be involved in the learning process, developing problem-solving abilities that are in line with modern education and society. Unlike conventional math classrooms, a personalised, two-way teaching system is used with plenty of opportunity for interaction.

The team of educators at MPM are all armed with years of experience in the education field and are well-versed in the MOE syllabus for math. Since 2001, there are 30 learning centres offering reputable and established programmes catering to children from kindergarten 1 to Primary 6. Equip your child with a smarter way to learn Mathematics so that they can be winners within our ever-changing and challenging world.

Contact Details
998 Toa Payoh North, #02-10,
Singapore 318993
Tel: 6253 8260


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