MPM Math

MPM math classes are unlike any class your child has ever experienced. The MOE-aligned curriculum aims to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, and to make sense of various mathematical ideas. It improves confidence and inculcates independent problem-solving behaviours where students make connections and applications, and participate actively in solving sophisticated Math

The Write Way

The Write Connection (TWC) is a writing enrichment programme with a focus on helping your child master the English language and be fluent communicators, writers, and thinkers. Started in 2002 by a Singaporean teacher in Sydney, The Write Connection is an MOE- registered English enrichment brand, and employs a unique writing pedagogy that is proven

Silversnow Music School

A relative newcomer to join the music school industry, Silversnow Music School was founded in 2016 and is MOE certified, meeting stringent requirements from the government board. The school offers music lessons for Piano, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, Flute, Vocal Training, Music Theory, and Music Appreciation for all ages. With two locations in Katong and Bukit

Making Sense Of Chemistry

Can’t decide whether to go for private or group chemistry tuition? Making Sense Learning Centre offers the best of both worlds by offering unlimited, round-the-clock personal consultation to students on top of regular group tuition classes, allowing your child to pick up Chemistry concepts in a group setting while enjoying effective personalised learning. Specialising in

Joy house

Joyhouse believes that all children have the potential to achieve success, and thus the school strives very hard to help these children realise their potential in a sustainable manner, all within an environment of teaching excellence and character building. Established in 2004, Joyhouse is an MOE registered centre that offers a wide range of services

Joy Little School House

Even though Singaporeans are a multilingual people, English is the dominant language in many families, giving children little opportunity to practice their mother tongue. As educators, Joy Little Schoolhouse hopes to cultivate a Mandarin-friendly environment to cultivate interest and learn Mandarin in a natural way. As the first ever Mandarin Immersion Preschool in Singapore, their

Jan & Elly English Language School

Jan & Elly English Language School prides itself in providing the fun and interactive educational environment you envision for your child, with a curriculum that is developed based on the latest child development and psychology standards. Their phonics curriculum follows a very systematic and structured approach, where students are taught the sound of each letter

Han Junior

HAN Junior is a spin off from HAN Language Centre, one of Singapore’s oldest and largest chain of Chinese enrichment schools. And it’s not just another run-of-the-mill bilingual preschool. As with all preschools, HAN Junior’s curriculum is aligned with MOE to build on a child’s language, numeracy, motor skills, creative expression, discovery, and social and

Gen-Y Education

Established in 2003, Gen-Y Education Centre has always been striving to provide the most effective tuition lessons in Singapore. While results matter, the centre aims to add value to the academic journey of every student, and has since helped nurture top- scorers and A-star students. Regardless of standards or grades, Gen-Y Education Centre provides a

Autism Step

Autism STEP believes that if children can’t learn the way we teach, we will teach the way the way they learn. The school designs a curriculum specially tailored to the individual learning needs of children with autism while focusing on fostering good social skills and compliant behaviour, managing obsessions, academic skills, and enhancing language pro


Dreamkids is an unconventional, happy bilingual (English & Chinese) preschool with a strong emphasis on building the human spirit and values, and equipping children with the essential future skills. Dreamkids believes that the education of children starts with values. Children should be taught how to be useful human beings rst as learning is never complete

Home of Little Wonders

BEST IN CHARACTER BUILDING Often, we place so much emphasis on education that we neglect to nurture our children’s character. At Little Wonders Montessori Childcare, they don’t just want to educate future leaders, but raise kind and caring members of society. Combining the Montessori pedagogy and the thematic approach, Little Wonders develops students who are

Safari House Vanda Preschool

Parents World Interview 3 parents to find out about their impressions of Safari House Vanda and the benefits of the preschool programmes for their child


Zoo-phonics is a systematic, multi-modal approach that focuses on shaping the phonemic and reading abilities of children through the learning of the shapes and sounds of the alphabet and phonemes. Developed with the aim of training strong little readers and spellers, Zoo-phonics employs a variety of methods that incorporate the aspects of oral (speaking), phono

Edugrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

Traditional Mandarin classes give the impression of rigid curriculum and dry material, making it a chore for children to learn. At EduGrove, fun is the emphasis as a new methodology is used to cultivate interest in the subject. The award-winning curriculum used at EduGrove follows the MOE Chinese syllabus closely and is taught using an

Autism Recovery Network

With a track record of over 15 years helping out children in need, Autism Recovery Network’s (ARN) experience, expertise, and excellence allows it to stand out from other centres which offer special needs curriculum. The centre’s experienced team of therapists helps children with special needs take the big step towards mainstream schooling by using effective

The Learning Lab

For over 16 years, The Learning Lab has been the leading provider of tuition and enrichment services. Here, your child’s learning needs form the basis of curriculum development, lesson planning, and teacher training. This means that your child is given the right academic support in the form of a safe environment, relevant and engaging lesson

EduFirst Learning Centre

When it comes to prepping teenagers for their secondary education, no place does it like EduFirst Learning Centre. The learning centre aims to provide students with a premium education service for ‘N’ and ‘O’ level Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, and Humanities. EduFirst’s students are provided with free learning materials and exam papers upon registration. Classes are

Ossia Music School

Since 1983, Ossia Music School has been spreading a love for music with their expertly taught classes. Throughout the decades, Ossia Music School has seen over 20,000 students pass through their doors and obtain internationally recognised certifications. The school currently has eight outlets across the island and is recognised by the Ministry of Education. Ossia