In today’s fast-changing society where we have the Internet at our fingertips, learning as the acquisition of knowledge is insufficient. It is only complete when the knowledge learnt is applied. At Dreamkids, the students are taught the skills to be sociable and intellectual, with opportunities for them to exhibit their talents. Their curriculum is based

BE a Champ

Champions are not born; they are made with the right training. When it comes to badminton, look no further than BE a Champ. The recent success of Joseph Schooling has proved once again that an education in sports here in Singapore is not completely without value. Kids are blank canvases waiting to be painted on,

Safari House Vanda Preschool

Parents World Interview 3 parents to find out about their impressions of Safari House Vanda and the benefits of the preschool programmes for their child


Zoo-phonics School and Safari House offers a whole-brain kinesthetic method to teaching children phonics and reading. Learning under a fun, unique and multi-modal approach, children will be trained to become confidents readers and spellers. Today, their highly-acclaimed programme is used successfully in over 6000 schools worldwide. The playful, unique, effective approach will have your child well