Learning Voyage

Besides equipping students with a solid problem-solving foundation, Learning Voyage prepares them for examinations through motivational techniques and strategic revision plans, ensuring that your child is comprehensively covered and be better placed on a voyage of excellence. Learning Voyage Blk 208 Hougang Street 21 #01-209, Singapore 530208. Tel: 9005 6286

The Musical Voyage

The Musical Voyage believes that everyone is musical and simply requires the right programme to bring it out. With a range of developmentally appropriate classes, the classes cater to tiny tots of all age groups. The Musical Voyage 18 Ah Hood Road, #06-53, Hiap Hoe Building at Zhongshan Park, Singapore 329983. Tel: 6262 6373 /

Our Music Studio

Our Music Studio employs the Music Learning Process, a systematic approach based on Orff-Schulwerk, Dalcroze and Kodaly frameworks. Your child will gain exposure to a wide and enriching repertoire of music genres. Our Music Studio 163 Tanglin Road #03-11B Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933. Tel: 9824 0198 enquiry@ourmusicstudio.com.sg  

Edugrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

Traditional Mandarin classes give the impression of rigid curriculum and dry material, making it a chore for children to learn. At EduGrove, fun is the emphasis as a new methodology is used to cultivate interest in the subject. The award-winning curriculum used at EduGrove follows the MOE Chinese syllabus closely and is taught using an

Create Lab

Create Lab, one of the leading Computational Thinking (CT) enrichment programmes in Singapore, works with educators from Oxford, MIT/SUTD and Singapore Management University to devise coding, design and robotics workshops aimed at inspiring a generation of children excited about creating with technology. Create Lab NUS Enterprise Blk 71, Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-18 Singapore 139951. Tel:

Heguru @ Sembawang

Heguru @ Sembawang offers an effective early childhood education method developed by Hirotada Henmi and Ruiko Henmi of Japan. The method, focusing mainly on right brain development, has benefited many children in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, China and Singapore. Heguru @ Sembawang 604 Sembawang Road, Sembawang Shopping centre, #03-08/10 Singapore 758459. Tel: 6659 1449

Jan & Elly English Language School

At Jan & Elly, the priority is for children to be willing and happy learners. Their systematic and easy-to-follow approach helps children to gain confidence along the way, enabling them to have a firm grasp of the language while enjoying the classes. Jan & Elly English Lanugage School 432 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678058.

Autism Recovery Network

With a track record of over 15 years helping out children in need, Autism Recovery Network’s (ARN) experience, expertise, and excellence allows it to stand out from other centres which offer special needs curriculum. The centre’s experienced team of therapists helps children with special needs take the big step towards mainstream schooling by using effective

The Learning Lab

For over 16 years, The Learning Lab has been the leading provider of tuition and enrichment services. Here, your child’s learning needs form the basis of curriculum development, lesson planning, and teacher training. This means that your child is given the right academic support in the form of a safe environment, relevant and engaging lesson

The Tots’ Classroom

The Tots’ Classroom is a local boutique enrichment centre that employs a unique programme to maximise development in children during the early childhood phases. The lessons will equip them with good reading, social and arithmetic skills, making them curious learners who love learning. The Tot’s Classroom 531 Bedok North Street 3 #01-704, Singapore 460531. Tel:

Dreamkids Kindergarten

This unconventional preschool, which emphasises on bilingualism, values and 21st century skills, uses a curriculum that is based on the FUN Learning Concept, a world-class education from Finland where a safe and inspiring learning space is fostered to promote creativity and critical communication skills. Dreamkids Kindergarten 46 East Coast Road, #01-03 East Gate, Singapore 428766.

Coding Lab

Developed by a team of global tech-industry experts based in New York, Japan and Singapore, Coding Lab’s highly-rated workshops expound on the MOE curriculum and challenge students to think logically and mathematically. Now your child can start their coding journey at Coding Lab. The tailor-made curriculum are based on a mixture of world-renowned coding programs (Eg. Scratch

Science Cube Educentre

Science Cube offers customised science lessons for Primary and Lower Secondary students, helping them develop an interest in the subject through guided hands-on experiments, and skills such as data interpretation. Science Cube Educentre 46, East Coast Road, #08-02, East Gate Building, Singapore 428766, Tel: 6348 8066 enquiry@sciencecube.com.sg

BE a Champ

BE a Champ Badminton Academy strives to impart valuable life lessons and develop positive personality traits through the spirit of badminton, while reinforcing the notion that sports and academics can go hand in hand. BE a Champ 139 Lorong Ah Soo Singapore 530139 Tel: 9295 9207 daniel@be-a-champ.com.sg

Ready Steady Go Kids

Ready Steady Go Kids offers a premier multi-sports and exercise programme for children aged between two-and-a-half to six. Each class has 15 students overseen by three trainers, covering five sports per term (10-12 weeks). Ready Steady Go Kids 50 Bukit Batok St 23 #05-22 Midview Building Singapore 659578. Tel: 9855 8221 info@readysteadygokids.com.sg


At eiMaths, lesson plans revolve around learning materials and programmes designed to train students to think creatively, logically and abstractly, allowing them to not only be critical thinkers in the field of Mathematics, but in the various scenarios of life as well. eiMaths Block 118 Aljunied Avenue 2 #05-102 Singapore 380118. Tel: 6841 8148

Treasure Box Child Development Centre

Giving the children plenty of opportunities to grow through play, Treasure Box Early Childhood Learning Centre adds a fun twist to your child’s learning journey. Program lineups are tailored to suit each child according to their age and appropriate academic level. Treasure Box Child Development Centre School Locations: http://www.treasure-box.com.sg/contact-us/ vivang@treasure-box.com.sg

School House By The Garden

This childcare nurtures children through the Multiple Intelligences approach, drawing emphasis on Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social areas. The team of well-qualified early childhood educators facilitate every child’s growth while giving them the freedom to flourish at their own pace. School House By The Garden School Locations: http://www.schoolhousebythegarden.com/Contact-Us enquiry@schoolhousebythegarden.com

Innate Montessori

The institution conducts pure Montessori curriculum that guides your child and their development in real-life experiences, language development, mathematics and cultural growth. Innate Montessori School Locations: http://www.innatemontessori.com/kakatuabranch.htm innate2010@yahoo.com

Little Petals Preschool

Little Petals Preschool strives to build your child’s character — to be inquisitive, confident and resilient servant leaders. They believe that parents and educators educate and guide the kids by example. Litte Petals Preschool 6 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-05/06 North View Bizhub. Singapore 768090. Tel: 9244 4557 / 6635 2520 john@littlepetals.sg

Thomson Pediatric Centre The Child Development Centre

Thomson Paediatric Centre offers a therapy and educational support service to impart cognitive, motor, communication and self-help skills to children, nurturing them to become well-adjusted adults. Thomson Child Development Centre 10 Sinaran Drive #09-04/27/36, #10-06/07 (Reception is located at #09-04) Novena Medical Centre Singapore 307506. Tel: 6397 6627 info@thomsonpaeds.com

Amazing Star Montessori House

Besides adopting the Montessori method in the education of pre-schoolers, Amazing Star Montessori House also introduces technology to their curriculum. Classes are conducted using interactive multimedia programs and creative hands-on activities. Amazing Star Montessori House School Locations: http://www.amazing-star.com/contactus.html enquiry@amazing-star.com

Pink Tower Montessori

Geared with full Montessori curriculums, bilingual immersion programs and individualised lesson plans, the preschool aims to develop each kid’s potential through meaningful learning experiences in an encouraging atmosphere. The early childhood establishment hosts events and workshops that engages not just the kids, but parents, too! Pink Tower Montessori 252 Tembeling Road, #01-07 Singapore 423731. Tel: 6444

Dayspring Kindergarten

The kids get to learn through play away from the hustle and bustle of the city, amidst the lush greenery of fruit tress, fishpond and fauna. Besides facilitating language skills, the Kindergarten includes creative and physical curriculum. Dayspring Kindergarten 600 Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue, Marina Country Club, 2nd floor, Singapore 829734. Tel: 6489 7489 / 6489 4489

I’m Possible Learning Planet

“We Make The Impossible Learner Into A Possible Genius” Let your child experience learning in a vibrant environment, guided by qualified NIE-trained tutors. With their wealth of experience, children will be in good hands during their enrichment classes. The programmes are catered for primary and secondary school-going children.   Address: I’m Possible Learning Planet Blk 305,

Learning Point

Learning Point is an established private education centre which has been providing quality English Language enrichment courses for more than two decades. Our presence and influence in the market have also been enhanced by expanding our expertise in our Mathematics and Science Programmes, which form an integral part of our centre’s educational curriculum. Addresses: Learning Point @ Thomson

Little Greenhouse

Little Greenhouse nurtures your child’s total development through a fusion of a strong academic curriculum, creative enrichment and hands-on activities. With a dedicated team of professional preschool teachers, we bring to light your child’s full intellectual, social, physical and creative potential. Addresses: Little Greenhouse @ Bukit Batok Blk 373 Bukit Batok Street 31, #03-244 Singapore

Mulberry Learning Centre

Children follow both a skills and project based curriculum in the morning, followed by an interesting variety of enrichment programmes conducted by external vendors.

Wolfgang Violin Studio

Wolfgang Violin Studio prides itself in building a solid violin technique foundation that nurtures the musical child. The studio integrates a progressive yet fun violin methodology.

Wings To Wings Dance Development Centre

Wings to Wings Dance Development Centre offers a wide range of dance classes to cater to all your Junior’s needs. This includes an Autism Movement Therapy programme, which targets children with special needs.

The Language League

The Language League offers language and humanities classes for primary and secondary levels and General paper classes for A level students. The centre is sure to cover your child’s English and Humanities needs.

The Music Academy

The Music Academy is the place to go if your children aspire to be music stars. Led by a team of veteran musicians, your child will be taught how to combat the fear of public performing. They will be given the necessary confidence to be able to step up and play like a star.


Taekwondonomics teaches the values of discipline, restraint and self-defence. It also builds strong levels of concentration. Taekwondonomics has proven to aid in the development of motor skills in children.

Spectrum Learning

Spectrum Learning uses state of the art technology to decipher the biochemistry of the brain. it can use science to tap into your child’s hidden potential or remove blockages that are limiting to the individual.


Sparkanauts makes use of brain development, body development and social and learning skills to give your child an intellectual, physical and social edge. The school targets children aged five months to six years


SoulCentre and SoulKids Academy has a 10 years proven track record in Singapore, and sees clients from all over the world. SoulKids training programmes are fun and experiential, and are open for children aged five and a half years and above.

Ros SchoolHouse

With an every-expanding list of positive testimonials, Ros Schoolhouse is the solution for your woes. Your children will be exposed to a wide range of activities that include but not limited to world arts, music, history, cooking and craftwork.

Musikal Genesis

Soft Mozart allows children as young as two years old to learn how to play the piano. This programme was created and patented through 25 years of research by musicologist Professor Hellene Hiner where music notation is combine with computer interactivity to make reading notes simple, easy and fun. Musikal Genesis is the pioneer for

Molin Tutorial Centre

Molin has been providing Mandarin tuition for more than 25 years. It advocates ‘learning through fun’ and the centre makes use of a wide spectrum of innovative teaching methods to provide Junior with a strong Mandarin foundation.

Literacy Plus

LiteracyPlus offers your children a journey to become a creative and confident reader, writer, speaker and thinker for the future. Their classes hold a maximum of up to 10 students and their teachers are all ex-MOE educators who are used to handling 30 to 40 kids regularly.

Lazarus Centre

Lazarus Centre provides Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy to children with Autsm Spectrum Disorders to promote learning.

Kidz Literacy Cove

Kidz Literacy Cove has structured a programme that is catered specifically to Singaporeans. Their three different programme levels are divided according to difficulty for different age group categories that expose children to a myriad of literacy exercises to bring their English proficiency to the next level.

Ingenium Learning Centre

Seeking a curriculum that brings both creative and critical thinking skills together? Ingenium Learning Centre adopts an ArtScience approach to education that does just that. Science-based classes are based on the MOE syllabus in a well-equipped laboratory environment.

Ilham Child Care

Ilham Child Care preps your children for assimilation into their respective primary schools with an armament of skills that gives the an edge over other classmates. Ilham Child Care is the only childcare centre that teaches four languages – English, Arabic, Malay and Mandarin.


HighQ aims to raise learning to the “power of Q” by combining the IQ and EQ aspects of a child’s learning cycle. This helps to ensure long term success for every individual child through its learning journey and beyond. The centre also offers enrichment programmes in Maths, Science and Languages.

Happy Train

Happy Train aims to improve concentration, memory and attentiveness. Their holistic brain-training programmes focus on right brain and whole brain training.

Geno House Tuition and Enrichment Centre

A systematic learning approach that incorporates the use of study summaries and customised worksheets. Geno House offers classes in English, Mandarin, Science and Mathematics for both primary and secondary students.

Evelyn’s SchoolHouse

With the Montessori approach, children will undergo self directed learning and learn to solve problems by themselves without the aid of teachers. Teachers are there to facilitate your children in the event that they get stuck or lose their focus when engaged in an activity.

Crestar School of Dance

A wide array of dance programmes that will suite any junior’s needs. Crestar School of Dance appeals to children aged two and a half and above.

Clayworks Art Academy

At Clayworks Art Academy, children will take pride in learning and witnessing the wondrous process of how a simple idea in their minds can be transitioned into a physical clay art form. With a proven curriculum that works, Clayworks Art Academy assures you that your child’s creative potential will be drawn out to its maximum

BrightMinds Education

BrightMinds Education is the only tuition centre in Singapore that offers an intensive 50-hour PSLE revision course for English, Maths and Science. The revision course makes use of in-house revision notes and practice papers, which are updated according to the latest MOE syllabus.


Children in their formative years of growth are the most susceptible to picking up information and retaining it in memory for life. BrainBuilder zones in on this unique ability and trains children to develop their minds at a quicker rate in a engaging way.

Be The Voice Academy

Be The Voice Academy teaches your child three fundamental skills that are prerequisites for fluent and well-articulated conversations. Your children will be taught how to read, speak in a logical and systematic manner, and with great confidence.

ARC Learning Centre

Arc Learning Centre offers a multi-dimensional and indepdent approach to learning English and Humanities. Parents can choose from the PSLE, Secondary Level English Language and Secondary Level Humanities programmes.

The Science League

At The Science League, they believe in the principle that Science is a subject best enjoyed and learnt through a mix of theory and experiments, which is why they have a spacious science lab for their students.

Stag Match

Focusing on students’ creative thinking and analytical skills, Stag Match Tuition Centre is constantly in touch with the changing educational system with the aim of helping students gain a competitive edge in the knowledge-based economy.

Science Alive Learning Centre

Specialising in Primary School Science, Science Alive believes in more than just hands-on activities during lessons, and relates Science to the daily lives of children.

Seriously Addictive Mathematics

Based on belief that Singapore Math offers a unique pedagogy, advanced thinking skills and creative approaches unlike any other programme, S.A.M certified trainers effectively conduct their lessons in a creative and caring learning environment.

Pony Running Early Childhood Education Centre

With an emphasis on the development of the brain, Pony Running’s programme adopts a variety of games to stimulate the whole brain by enriching information in the brain.

PlayDate Singapore

At PlayDate Singapore, “Books Come Out to Play” through the myriad of activities conducted both outdoors and indoors, encouraging reading and enhance literacy among children by making reading an enjoyable experience.


Classes of Mathvolution help students develop thinking skills and independent learning, which allows them to strive for high marks in school examinations. There are also classes held for parents or tutors


Mathnasium helps students develop Number Sense through a process of encounter and interaction with a specific set of concepts and skills presented in a way that makes sense to the learner.

Math Monkey

An after-school enrichment programme designed for highly motivated children who strive for math excellence, Math Monkey boosts children’s logic, reasoning and mental agility through a game-based curriculum inspired by Vedic math.

Learning Journey Education Centre

Montessori activities, sensory play, art, cookery, science and discovery, dramatic play, music, movement and dance are meaningfully integrated into their curriculum as a holistic child-centric approach to learning.

K.E.Y Learning Hub

Striving to improve your child’s academic excellence, K.K.Y Learning Hub is a one-stop solution to making the most out of those after-school hours. From group tuition to revision clinics, as well as student care, children are left in good hands.

Kent Ridge Tuition Centre

Kent Ridge Tuition Centre provides foundation and revision programmes for all levels from Primary School and Secondary School, to Junior College.

Junior Wonders Tuition Centre

At Junior Wonders, your child’s learning experience is complete with four steps – small class sizes, individualised attention, dedicated and qualified tutors, and timely feedback given to parents on their child’s progress.

Julia Gabriel Centre

With classes relating to each appropriate age group, students are able to express ideas through voice, speech, language, music, movement, art, writing, performance, debate and visual media.

I Love Learning Achievement Center

Understanding the frustrations and needs of parents and students, I Love Learning Achievement Center designs courses so that children will listen and learn.

Hess Education Centre

Hess Education Centre develops a world-class English language study programme for students in Singapore. The programmes aspire to boost your child’s confidence and grades, particularly in their English and Mandarin subjects.


An enrichment centre that adopts a holistic approach toward early childhood development, the classes comprise of intellectual, physical and social aspects to help your child enjoy learning and develop the joy for reading.

Faith Music Centre

Faith Music Centre provides keyboard, piano, guitar (acoustic/lead/bass), vocal, drum and ukulele courses to both children and mature adults. They also partner with organisations as a part of Corporate Social responsibility, by bringing song and fun activities to the residents of old age and children homes.

Creative Art Trove

The classes at CAT help students develop their fresh ideas before they lose them as they grow. Through their programmes, CAT strives to develop children’s communication skills, problem-solving skills, social and emotional skills, and fine motor skills.

Clesopassion Music School

Are you or your child interested in playing the piano? Clesopassion Music School’s classes will ignite your passion towards music, and at the same time, help you through the ABRSM examinations

Cherie Hearts Nurtureloft

Nurtureloft provides quality child-focused services, with a strong emphasis on bilingual teaching in English and Mandarin, to help children build a foundation in their languages before Primary School.

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

Through a learner-centred approach, Chengzhu Mandarin Centre provides a balanced environment where children can learn while having fun.

Chelsea Kidz

Let your child be the outspoken and articulate one among her friends, by stimulating her imagination and allowing her to learn proper speech techniques through role play at Chelsea Kidz.

Aureus Academy

Grab the golden opportunity to study from concert performing artists, thanks to the engaging music courses at Aureus Academy. The courses available at Aureus Academy are diverse and carried out through fun and engaging methods, making them enjoyable to all.

Red SchoolHouse

The programme focuses on a well-rounded education for both character as well as academics. Learning goes beyond the classroom as well, with plenty of outdoor activities and field trips for the kids.

Odyssey, The Global Preschool

The programme, which includes creativity, project work, and life skills, encourages students to grow into competent learners and independent members of the global community.

Lorna Whiston Preschools

Besides building a strong foundation in the English language, children are also fluent in Mandarin, thanks to a fully bilingual classroom environment. Students are also taught on world knowledge across all levels.

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse provides a culturally diverse and enriching experience for kids through multi-experiential and appreciation programmes for art, music, dance and science.

Generation Kidz @ Limau Pte Ltd

The school has strong partnerships with the community, and plans activities to nurture a strong sense of community spirit in well-rounded children.

The Garden House Preschool

One of few schools that surround students with ecology and the environment, children get to learn at their own interests, and even munch on home-grown organic vegetables as part of lunch.

EtonHouse International Education Group

Children at EtonHouse are treated as competent communicators who are taught to inquire and think for themselves, thanks to the Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum.

Citikids Academy

With a track record of alumni achieving excellent results in their primary schools, Citikids Academy aims to give all students a balanced curriculum for their development.

Chiltern House Preschool

Chiltern House Preschool employs The Oxford Reading Tree from the UK as a core reading scheme, and language and communication skills are strengthened through conversation, drama and music.

Cherie Hearts Nurtureloft

A strongly developed core curriculum is taught through creative hands-on and minds-on play activities. Enrichment activities include computer mastery, arts and history classes, and a comprehensive arts programme in Mandarin.

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton advocates parents’ involvement in their preschool programmes. And their child-responsive pedagogy nurtures children’s curiosity to support and develop their thinking skills. In this way, children are offered positions as active participants in their own learning.

Charis Montessori

At Charis Montessori, The Montessori-prepared environment is geared to conduct lessons in a mixed-age group classroom. In such a setting the younger ones will learn from their seniors, while the older ones are given the opportunity to lead their juniors.

Caelum Junior

At Caelum Junior, they believe that children learn best through dynamic, creative experiences, and they need to be equipped with life skills. Complimentary Enrichment programmes such as English Speech and Drama, Gymnastic Movement, Chinese Enhancement and Computer Literacy are some of the high-quality programmes conducted in a lively and stimulating environment.

Brighton Montessori

Montessori-trained children are known to be highly independent, confident, eloquent and calm. Here at Brighton, the Intensive Montessori Afternoon Programme is a specially curated programme that has exposure to elements from a full-day Montessori programme, and a low teacher to child ratio for optimum learning.

Brainy Juniors Kindergarten

Brainy Juniors’ integrated curriculum offers age-appropriate preschool programmes and activities that fortify the children with mental agility, artist appreciation, and physical fitness. These programmes include the Victoria Carlton Literacy Programme with Jolly Phonics/Grammar, Kinder Beat and Encore Junior Piano Series, and GymKidz programmes.

Bingo Pre-school

Through Thematic Approach and Learning-Through-Play methods, each child is engaged in creative learning, and they help children to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. We love their 10,000 sq ft outdoor play area which is the perfect outlet for fun and healthy development.

Bibinogs Preschool King’s Arcade

Bibinogs Preschool offers a bilingual curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education. It is designed to challenge children to develop literacy, numeracy, problem-solving skills, motor skills, and creative-thinking which have been identified as critical in the new globalised world.

Bambini Childcare LLP

Early childhood programme with the Reggio Emilia approach focuses on each child as a competent and capable individual, with specific interests and ideas. At Bambini, children learn through in-house programmes such as the Art Ateller, Music Intellect and Sports Education, where creative, hands-on and exploratory experiences are actively promoted.

Adam Khoo Learning Centre (Math)

Primary school and secondary school students who require help in Mathematics, fret not, as Adam Khoo Learning Centre will provide all that your kids needs to achieve flying colours in the subject. Teachers with a minimum of Bachelor’s degree are there to guide your kid and also drive them to bring out their maximum potential.

Adam Khoo Learning Centre (English)

A household name to many, Adam Khoo Learning Centre lives up to its name by offering its help to many students, allowing them to achieve success in the English language. By engaging students with a research-proven Strategic Reading and Strategic Writing principles, they provide students with the skills to do creative and stylistic writing, and

Ignite Tuition Centre

Covering from Primary school levels to JC level, Ignite Tuition Centre offers its services in every step of the way in your mandatory education journey. Following closely to the MOE syllabus allows students to keep track of their progress in school. Every lesson is meticulously planned and brought across to students in an innovative manner

Morris Allen English

The English language maybe often be referred to as dry or boring but at Morris Allen English, students are taught to think otherwise. They not only impart English skills with their interactive programme but also skills for life. Watch as your kid turns into a curious explorer as he or she learns new words, explore

Novel Learning Centre

With an impressive 16 years of success stories, Novel Learning Centre strives to be the heart of Mathematics and Science enrichment as they apply an all-round holistic approach to nurturing students. They too believe that identifying problem area is a key to success, and that every child has different of learning, and they know exactly

Sakamoto Education Systems

Mathematics might not be a favourable subject to many children but Sakamoto has its way with dealing with this issue. Putting the obsolete method of rote learning aside, Sakamoto instead engages with an innovative way of placing emphasis on problem solving, understanding of concepts and applications. Feel the difference from your kids as they finally

Lorna Whiston Study Centres

English is a key language in Singapore and nobody understands that better than Lorna Whiston Schools (LWS). They pack an impressive total of three English language centres, two speech & drama centres, as well as a preschool that offers bilingual curriculum. Backed with 30 years of experience in providing unique and interactive academic programmes to

UWC South East Asia

UWCSEA is a mission-driven school with a passionate belief in the importance of education as a force for good in the world. Our learning programme weaves academics, activities, outdoor education, personal and social education, and service into a world class education from K1 leading to the IB Diploma. Every year, everyone has the opportunity to

Singapore American School

SAS enjoys a reputation of innovation and excellence in education and continually seeks to improve on the foundation that has been built. Three strategic anchors guide the vision for the future of SAS: – A Culture of Excellence – A Culture of Extraordinary Care – A Culture of Possibilities Together, these three anchors provide an

The Winstedt School

The Winstedt School is committed to delivering a comprehensive academic curriculum with a strong emphasis on socio-emotional skills and the arts. The academic program is well-structured to develop a student’s intellectual potential. It includes the core subjects of the language arts, Mandarin, mathematics, science, social studies and humanities, physical education, technology, and the fine arts.